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2011: The Year of Photography

Posted on 05 Jan 2011 | 3 comments

I don’t typically make New Year’s resolutions, but this year I’m trying it. Most of them focus around my photography:

  • Get one of my photos published (anywhere, really)
  • Truly turn the corner on being able to use the amazing camera I own to its full capacity
  • Take a photo a day
  • Continue to update my photo wall monthly

In the spirit of sharing, here are a few links to projects/tutorials/photographers that will be inspiring and helping me this year.

What about you? Any great photo or photo learning resources to share? I need all the help I can get!

Update: Wouldn’t you know it… I have all these lofty goals for my photography in 2011 and I find out that I have to send my camera into Nikon to get repaired. $^@%*#!

  • http://www.jaybryant.com Jay Bryant

    What broke on your camera? Too bad!

    • http://www.communityguy.com Jake McKee

      Not entirely sure, but verified at the camera store a few nights ago that my 18-200mm lens (my go-to) and my camera just aren’t working together properly. Other lenses seem to be OK (for now), but that combo is kicking a problem.

  • Anonymous

    A friend is a pro shooting mostly outdoor activity scenes and it’s a bit daunting going on a trip with him and then seeing his shots afterward – he captures images I didn’t even see on the trip. He just “sees” things better than me. Years of working on the light, composition and the rest probably helps a bit too, lol.

    He spends a lot of money on equipment, but he’s always reminding me that a fancy tool isn’t the end all; you have to spend the hours.

    Besides not having a good eye, my biggest problem is simply remembering to take the camera every time I leave the house.I may have to start wrapping the strap around the doorknob.

    Oh, and my friend’s cameras are always in the shop too from heavy use, dropping them, etc.