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Red Shirt Guy – a great story

Red Shirt Guy – a great story

Posted on 02 Nov 2010 in Doing It Right | 2 comments

If you’ve spent any time in community work, you’ve run into one of “those fans”. A fan of your brand/product/company who has generated so much love for your brand that the love manifests in unreasonable anger at various decisions or a level of depth on issues that even the product’s original developers never intended. These […]

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Netflix stumbles, recovers through honesty

Posted on 23 Sep 2010 in Doing It Right | 0 comments

Oh, Netflix…. Netflix Inc. tried to bring a touch of Hollywood to its Canada debut Wednesday only to wind up apologizing for a botched publicity stunt. Things backfired at a Toronto street celebration after reporters discovered that actors hired by the Netflix had been given written instructions to give media interviews gushing about the video […]

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UPDATED: SlideShare team pulls dick move

Posted on 07 Apr 2009 in Doing It Right | 10 comments

UPDATE: Turns out Slideshare was playing an April Fool’s Joke on its users. Not only did they send these notes out, they also added two extra zeros to the end of your view counts. The Slideshare team posted an blog post (failing to understand the concern), but they failed to send another email (you know, […]

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Delivering on Brand Promises

Posted on 03 Apr 2009 in Ant's Eye View, Doing It Right | 2 comments

Last week I shut down my laptop at the office, drove 20 minutes to my presentation at the BMA Dallas, and turned on my laptop when I got there to prepare for my talk. Nothing. No video, minor hard drive spinning, nothing. After winging it during the talk, I headed to the Apple store. The […]

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Why Twitter Works

Posted on 05 Mar 2009 in Doing It Right | 4 comments

Enough said.

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