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The how, what, why of Egorcast

The how, what, why of Egorcast

Posted on 27 Apr 2007 in Projects | 0 comments

Alex blogged about our "casual development" efforts over at Big in Japan in three posts: Part I: The What about Egorcast Part II: The How about Egorcast Part III: The Why about Egorcast Check out the what, how and why about Egorcast.  It was a fun little project mashingup Twitter, Jaiku, WordPress and Jott!

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Introducing EgorCast

Posted on 24 Apr 2007 in Projects | 0 comments

At Big in Japan, we have devised a plan to release "casual apps" once a month. These apps will span the comical (MyEvilCyberTwin.com) to the functional. The idea is to design, develop, and launch an entire application in about a week, showcasing some key concept of agile development, social strategy, and the future of web […]

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Projects: LEGO MMOG Community Support

Posted on 16 Mar 2007 in Projects | 0 comments

Back in December, Big in Japan began a project with LEGO on their recently announced Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG). The project was only revealed to the world a week ago, but has been in discussion, development, and planning for a long time. LEGO has partnered with NetDevil to create the game, and Big in […]

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Six Techniques for Safer User Generated Content Campaigns

Posted on 22 Feb 2007 in Projects | 4 comments

I’ve worked with my vendor partner, friend, and all around great folks at eModeration to develop a fun whitepaper: Six Techniques for Safer User Generated Content (UGC) Campaigns. The paper details techniques that creators of UGC sites (brands and marketing agencies alike) to help protect both their brand reputations and their users; while creating a […]

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New Woodford Reserve site launches

Posted on 14 Feb 2007 in Projects | 0 comments

Ah, horse racing and Kentucky Bourbon… not much goes together quite so nicely.  Some time back Woodford Reserve (a sister brand to Jack Daniel’s) bought a racehorse and created a program called Woodford Reserve Stables. The concept was to race the horse and track the activities along the way. Over the summer I helped to […]

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