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Did You Know 3.0

Posted on 24 Mar 2009 in The Internet | 2 comments

Mind boggling. Truly mind boggling.

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Twitter reaches 11% of online Americans

Posted on 27 Feb 2009 in Building Community, The Internet | 4 comments

Wow. Still think that twitter is “pointless and dumb”? Online microblogging services like Twitter, a popular social media tool for many media companies and television networks, are used by 11% of online Americans, according to a research report conducted by Pew Internet & American Life Project in December and released today. That’s up from 9% […]

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Facebook traffic benefits from 25 Things

Posted on 24 Feb 2009 in Building Community, The Internet | 2 comments

I recently blogged about the TIME Magazine article that railed on the 25 Things meme. Turns out, the meme was of huge benefit for Facebook. From RWW: According to the latest data from Compete, four times more people than usual visited the ‘Notes’ section on Facebook in January. Compete estimates that close to 20 million […]

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When will Facebook learn?

Posted on 23 Feb 2009 in Rants, The Internet | 0 comments

Sarah Lacy posted on TechCrunch about the Facebook Terms of Service debacle. You know, the one where Facebook (again) made major changes (again) without properly considering their users (again) or vetting the changes in front of the user base (again). I asked Kelly—on this, the third major user uproar the company has faced on privacy […]

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Bad Blog Advertising

Posted on 22 Feb 2009 in The Internet | 7 comments

Is anyone else as irritated by the bouncing belly fat ads that seem to have taken over every blog ad network?

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