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Zappos pays new employees to quit

Zappos pays new employees to quit

Posted on 05 Aug 2008 in Building Community, Business Strategy, Tricks of the Trade | 3 comments

Can you imagine showing up to your first day of a new job and being offered $2000 to walk out the door that very same day? Zappos, the amazingly successful and fairly unknown (at least in most circles) e-commerce business does exactly that. And apparently it leaves only the truly interested working at the company. […]

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Video: There’s a New Conversation

Posted on 28 Feb 2008 in Business Strategy, Tricks of the Trade | 1 comment

A couple weeks back, I was honored to join an event in NYC organized by Ted Shelton from The Conversation Group. The event, “There’s a new conversation” focused on what’s happened in the 10 years since the launch of The Cluetrain Manifesto. More on the event, as well as clips of the other speakers on […]

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Community Communication: Finding the right tone

Posted on 31 Jul 2006 in Tricks of the Trade | 2 comments

I was just talking to a friend who was asking about how to find the right tone for communications to fans/users/consumers via text (blog posts, emails, forum messages). Here’s my formula, for what it’s worth. Step 1:Write the first draft in the exuberant tone that you want it to sound like. Make it as upbeat […]

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Soliciting Feedback From Consumers

Posted on 27 Jul 2006 in Tricks of the Trade | 0 comments

All too often when you say to a marketing person or executive something like "Let’s ask consumers for feedback", their minds jump instantly to focus groups and formal surveys. Certainly there are valid uses for both of those tactics, but I’ve found that a few well placed personal questions can net basically the same results […]

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The Fourth Wall and Character Blogs

Posted on 13 Jul 2006 in Blogging/Podcasting, Tricks of the Trade | 4 comments

In theater there’s a term called the Fourth Wall – basically the boundary between the audience and the fiction. Imagine this: You’re watching the new (and very good) Superman movie. Superman is flying through the air but you can see the guy off stage operating the wires. Ruins the illusion, right? Or imagine watching Friends […]

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